50 Things That Make Me Happy + April Blogging Challenge

Howdy, pineapples 😁 Happy April, and my apologies for slacking off on the posts. I am currently trying to get through a few days living in a pit of doom, aka every member of the family is sick except for me and so I'm basically dead meat (update-i have a cold yay). My trusty little Chromebook … Continue reading 50 Things That Make Me Happy + April Blogging Challenge


Craziness, my Birthday, and a VAMA&A!

Howdy friendos! I’m sorry my blog has been so not-busy-crazy aka fairly-postless. All the craziness has been going on inside my head (fr though). CAUSE, there’s a ton of exciting stuff going on right now, in my life and at this blog! I am only 4 followers away from hitting the big 100, which I … Continue reading Craziness, my Birthday, and a VAMA&A!


Books, Life, and Christ

So, on Tuesday night I reached 100 followers on my blog. I am super excited that you all have followed and supported me this far. In celebration, my wonderful friend Kaylee, helped me put together a giveaway for y’all.

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have followed me. I have loved getting to know some of you guys more and I cannot wait to see where this all goes next.

In addition to a giveaway, I also will be posting a Q & A on my YouTube account today, this video is below! I will have my written answers up on another post sometime tomorrow for some of you who requested that instead of a video! 😉


This entire giveaway was made possible by Kaylee. There will only be one winner. I wish I could do more but this is all I…

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February Wrap-up & (un-sports-related) March Madness + Hiatus

Hai. Howdy. I want to sleep in. Nope? ok then. Guys the year is one sixth over this is unreal February was actually a really fantastic month with a bajillion highlights (that would not include the six consecutive bio labs). Let's start with some February blog stats! 515 views 198 visitors 131 likes 103 comments 5 … Continue reading February Wrap-up & (un-sports-related) March Madness + Hiatus

A Barefoot Gal 5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway

Megan has been blogging for FIVE WHOLE YEARS! Check out her awesome pen pal giveaway.

A Barefoot Gal

Hello everyone!

That’s right, it’s time for my annual blogiversary giveaway. Up until I typed out the title, I didn’t realize that come February 20th, I will have been blogging for five years! I guess I’ve been blogging for a little longer than I thought. 🙂

I’m never quite sure how to get into these posts, so here are a few stats for A Barefoot Gal:

  • This will be my 555th post, and I’m posting about my 5th blogiversary! Hah!
  • This blog has 106,888 total views as of the writing of this post.
  • And 23,276 visitors.
  • And 1,555 followers (so many fives!).
  • The average words per post go up with the years. It was 93 in 2014, 208 in 2015, 323 in 2016, 560 in 2017, and 634 in 2018.
  • Total words in all my posts combined: 179,157.
  • Most of the search terms that lead people…

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