stereotyped, or does it really matter anymore?

it’s fall
and the leaves are orange and pretty
but fall can’t be my favorite season
cause that’s basic
but heck if i had a different favorite season
they’d find a way to make that basic too
and i love painting and art
but whoa, now i’m one of those girls
and sometimes i want to be different
but that’s what they all say
and now there’s a stereotype of people
who don’t want to be stereotyped
weird how it all gets tangled up, huh
i’m unique
but then i’m honestly not
sitting at the bookstore drinking my latte
and i’m just like everyone else
but i’m just enjoying myself
so what if it stopped
and we didn’t group people together
but it would happen anyways wouldn’t it
we’re just like that
we follow a pattern
we’re all looking for the pretty things in life
and sometimes we find the same things
that can’t be wrong
so maybe it’s ok
maybe i can be like them
and every now and then find something
special to me
and still be happy about it
i like my middle name
and my dark eyes
i like my skill set
but now i’ll pause
because every day i need to redirect myself
i’m not better than them
it doesn’t matter if i’m different
what matters is who i serve
it’s my savior
he’s in me and people can tell
when he shines through
as soon as i say “look at me”
they can’t see him anymore
i notice the ones who don’t serve my savior
the ones who curse and whisper about others
honestly they look pretty on the outside
i’d lie if i said it doesn’t hurt some days when
i can’t join their conversations
but then i notice the christians
the boy in the back of math class who doesn’t swear
the girl in spanish who doesn’t dress like the rest
the silent ones
the ones who don’t join in
but at the same time
that makes them stronger to me
it’s nice for a change
being able to focus on someone’s smile
on someone’s good intentions
instead of only hearing the bad word someone just said
ringing through your mind
or someone’s tight clothing
and you
you don’t have to stand out
you don’t have to blend in
honestly it’s hard to be that person who’s
in the world and not of it
it’s a fight
it’s the decisions we make day by day
a weird line really
the other month some girls sat in a circle
and we asked “where’s the line”
where do you deceive others
do you act differently on sundays
do your clothes send different messages
to different people
are your words consistent
are you always pointing up
a mirror of your savior
whose actions are the most beautiful thing
this world has ever seen
the most powerful display of love
you’ll ever know
it’s not wrong to blend in
it’s not wrong to be different
it’s wrong to focus too much
on what they think your identity is
it should be clear
you’re a child of God
that’s what makes you different
not that
you don’t like fall or
you aren’t wearing an oversized sweater
who cares about that
we’ve been given good gifts
enjoy them
honestly sometimes i’m think about the psalms
when they say
“what can i give back to the lord,
for all the things he’s given me”
and the answer is
it’s no coincidence that whenever we think
about our identity
whenever we think about our place in the world
and how we relate to those around us
we always come back to the theme
of thanksgiving
you’re beautiful in christ. give thanks.
you enjoy many of the same gifts the world does. give thanks.
you can be in the world. give thanks.
by the power of the holy spirit, you don’t have to be of the world. give thanks.

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