cassia elisabeth photography challenge-day one

Alwas be hppy.

Hi friends! Today’s post is the first of a seven day challenge hosted by Cassia over at Cassia Elisabeth. Cassia’s blog posts are a lot of fun and she has such a sweet and bubbly personality. You should for sure go show her and her blog some love! 😁

The challenge I’m participating in is a photography challenge with seven fun and creative prompts. I’ll be posting a new photo every day (hopefully) for the next week. The prompt for today is door.

I didn’t have any photo that came straight to mind or any creative ideas for a photo I could take (we don’t have very photogenic doors haha) but I was editing photos this afternoon and found this fun picture where I managed to catch my reflection on a door pretty well!


Not much else to say, but I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Any posts you want to see? Are you participating in Cassia’s photography challenge? What’s your favorite photography subject?

for now, isabel.jpg

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