they’re my sisters

Y’know, I’ve never really minded having five brothers and no sisters (I actually like it most of the time believe it or not) but it has made me even more incredibly grateful for all of my girl friends. They make me never regret not having sisters, because they are my sisters. I wanted to remind myself why I’m grateful for them and remind them why I’m grateful for them. I’m going to forget to name a lot of them, but I hope this is just a good reminder to all of us to treasure our friends more ❀ It would be so cool if some of you did this same post-if you do, send me the link!

Mariah. I got lots of friends, but you’re the bestest of the best. Pretty sure we’re unidentical twins but then there’s the occasional exception
Lily. You’re also the bestest :)) You’re so sunshiney and I’m so glad I have you to recommend cheesy romance novels and go on impromptu bike rides.
Nadia and Maja. Yall’s laughs are my fav πŸ˜‚here’s to hoping that someday you’ll both be cured from your hyper-ness
Shelby. 95% of the times I cry are cause I’m saying goodbye to you for another nine months 😭ly 3000
Ava, Katie, Maria, Sarah, Emma, Emily, Lily, and Naomi. Y’all are the sweetest and are the best role models.
Ellah, Audie, Karis, Anneka, and Mia. Uh so my brother says online friends aren’t real but y’all famΒ πŸ™ƒ I can’t wait to meet the rest of you *yee-haws my way to tx*
Emi, Lexi, and Kyla. Y’all’s hugs get me through every week πŸ€—
Autumn, Clementine, Kylie, Emily, Gracie, Halle, Katelyn, and Ariel. Y’all live forevers away but I’m always looking forward to seeing you again.
Josie, Kylie, Espi, and all the other drama troupe gals. Talk about sisters. My memories with y’all make me smile year round and I can’t wait for more amazing performances with you guys. Love you all ❀
Ava, Bella, AJ, Abby, Julia, Amanda, and Ellen-squad goals much?!? Thanks for all the great memories 🌴
To the ladies of my church, who are all dear friends and incredible examples.
And last but certainly not least, to all the lovely gals in the blogosphere, especially Liz, Nicole, and Maggie! You are all so supportive and I’m privileged to know you ❀

Thanks for reading, even if you skimmed my mini-rants 😝Don’t forget to send me the link if you write a similar post! I’m hoping to do a part 2 of this post talking about why i’m thankful for my dude friends + tips on platonic high school relationships *good stuff y’all* Remember to thank God for your friends this week πŸ₯°

Isabel (1)

P.S. My friend Ari over at Ariana’s Archives is selling craft packs-make sure to check them out!

22 thoughts on “they’re my sisters

  1. Aww this is so sweet and thoughtful! Friends can be the best honorary brothers and sisters πŸ˜„πŸ’› I really appreciated my online friends as a preteen, since I had two brothers and my sisters hadn’t been born yet πŸ˜‚
    Thanks for including me!! πŸ˜πŸ’• That means a lot!

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  2. (hey i’m kassie we run in a bunch of the same blogging circles)
    This was so sweet to read!! I have three brothers and for years I wanted a sister, but it finally dawned on me…I’m a tomboy without even accounting for the boys’ influence, what would I even do with one? 😝 Having friends to fill that sister role has been such a blessing!!

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