Reveries Co. Blog Launch-Interview with the Co-Manager

reveries co. blog tour

By this time, you all have most likely heard about the brand new Reveries Co. If you haven’t, check it out right away *nods*. I am SO EXCITED for their big launch! Kell and everyone else over at Reveries Co. have put so much time into this, and it will be a great tool for all of us bloggers and authors. As you can tell from the blog tour graphic, they are doing all sorts of fun stuff this week, the most exciting of which is a GIANT book giveaway! Click here to enter.


Now on to the post! I signed up to do an interview with Angela, the co-manager of Reveries Co. sp spotlights - angela r. watts

Here are my questions and the answers that she gave:

Why did you join Reveries Co.?

I joined Reveries Co. because I’d been praying for God to show me how to begin my service offering endeavor, and when Kellyn and I began brainstorming, I knew this company was the answer to my prayer. I look forward to helping fellow authors succeed!

What kind of work are you most excited about doing for Reveries Co.?

All of the jobs I offer, haha! I offer developmental editing, manuscript critique, line editing, consulting, and blurb work. I love doing all of those things!

Why would you recommend Reveries Co. to authors?

Reveries Co. is dedicated to helping authors, both self-published and traditional, succeed without spending more than their budget allows. Our service team members have over 40 years of combined experience–and not only do we have experience, Reveries Co. is a team of hard-workers. Every writer knows that you can know plenty of things, but if you aren’t willing to do hard-work, nothing pays off.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring authors or indie authors what would it be?

Be strong and of good courage, and write what the Lord puts on your heart, no matter what.

What is your favorite literature genre?

Oh, so many. I read historical fiction, fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, speculative fiction, action… I read quite a bit of almost everything.

How many published works do you have? When was your first one published?

I have four published works. My first work, The Thief, The Damsel, And the Dragon was published in July 2018. Seek, a contemporary thriller novel, was published in December. Homeward and Emmanuel are two short stories you can find on Amazon, too!

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in December 2013. My blog, The Peculiar Messenger, has come a long way, but I have big changes to come in 2019! It’ll be awesome.

Well that’s it! I highly encourage you to sign up for the giveaway, attend the Facebook party, and take advantage of the discounted services. To all those on the Reveries Co. team, best of luck with the new business!


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