Ember in the Ashes Picture Boards

And we’re back with more picture boards! Sorry folks-this post took a whileee. It was so fun to put them together for The Book Thief, and this time, it’s for the An Ember in the Ashes series. These books were amazing. Absolutely incredible. The characters were all so unique and well-developed. And let’s not forget the SHIPS *squeals* (spoiler in white) none of the ships work outtt help me And the setting and everything so just yeah go read them rn please. I wouldn’t rate it above the Book Thief, but it’s probably my second or third favorite book/series. Let’s just say that reading this very much lessened my appreciation for the Hunger Games because of the writing and everything being just so much better. Like Katniss is a very very empty character next to Laia? THE WHOLE THING IS IN FIRST PERSON ❀ (from multiple different viewpoints) Ok so that was just for anyone who hasn’t read the book but mhm. Let’s move on to the actual picture boards (although there will probably some rambling that accompanies them).

First is Laia, the main character. I have never read a main character who is so raw. Her first person perspective is incredible. She’s not without her flaws either. She has to go from cowardice to bravery-and so much happens along the way. She’s just the coolest person and Sabaa Tahir did an great job with her.

Second, we have Helene Aquilla. SHE IS SO WELL WRITTEN OMW I JUST LOVE HER. She is the perfect example of a bad/good guy. So complicated and heartbreaking and just amazing. Her role in the books increases with each one-which is awesome.

Next is Darin. He’s Laia’s older brother-and I love the relationship the author develops between them. They don’t always agree, but they are very much older brother, younger sister. Darin doesn’t show up too much throughout the stories. For some reason he reminds me of Don from Lost in Space so if you’ve seen the show then kudos to you πŸ˜‰ I’m not as happy with this board but it was soo hard to find good pics Dx

OK NEXT WE HAVE MA BOI ELIAS. GUYS ELIAS IS GOLDEN ❀ I love how he has to fight to escape his family’s reputation. I say no more. He speaks for himself.

And then the bad guy. Y’all Keris is just so evil. She is absolutely frustrating and she’s always one step ahead. Despicable. But also very well written. Don’t mess with her. Also, I have no idea how she is the mother of someone as beautiful as Elias. We would like to beg Tilda Swinton to play her :))Β 

Guys I’m not even going to do a board for Keenan. I gave up on him. Also there is a shortage of good images. And I don’t want to spoil. And ugh.

BUT I will do a board for my lil girl Izzi. Izzi is literally the sweetest thing. And Gabriel ❀ And just awww. Let me tell you- that girl has got some serious nerve. *cries* I think maybe one of the pics is supposed to be Laia but whatevah xD I feel like Izzi looks like a younger Laia. I estimate her to be 11-12 maybe? The pic bottom left is probably her in 7-8 years.

Last one is Mamie Rila. She is so very much a grandma character. I love her-she just radiates happiness. Ahh so few photos for this book. (He I am now motivated to go make fan art)

That’s it! Hopefully you enjoyed this hefty post. I know I did. Let me know if you’ve read the books, and if you have not-GO FORTH AND READ. 10/10 recommend. *side note: it is so fun to think up dream casts just in case y’know we somehow got to direct a movie*Β 
Talk to y’all in the comments!


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