BIBPC Category 2!

Hello again! I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while. Christmas is almost here, and I’m lowkey freaking out *hehehe* I have like no gifts ready yet. But I have some post ideas so hopefully I’ll get around to it before I disappear over Christmas break. 
I’m super excited to share my photo for category 2 of Megan’s BIBPC! Like the first one, I didn’t make any edits. The category was a little challenging, but I managed to cover quite a few of the words I think. Without further ado:

It was definitely a little dark, but i like it like that. The words I included were candle *uh candle*, candy cane *just a candy cane*, card *uh that card right there that i like just made for the purpose of this photo*, carols *O Come All Ye Faithful old sheet music*, and celebrate *lightssss*. 
I did have to take quite a few pictures to get one that I liked enough. Not to mention that half of my strand of lights kept going out Dx

Ok I’m done talking 🙂 Looking forward to more posts soon. Go Team Owl!


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