Thanksgiving-Letters to my Family

Sorry for the lateness my friends! I’ve been sick, and busy, and sick, and busy… 
Today’s post is a little bit different. I’ve written letters to three of my family members. They’ll never see this post, but it’s things I wish I could say to them. All three of them have (I hope) gone to heaven to be with our Lord. I had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving-but they were missing. (I don’t want sympathy-I know their passing was God’s good will! This is basically just me venting some things.)

Dear Deven,
      You’ve been gone for 163 days. Your first Thanksgiving in Heaven-what an amazing experience.  We prayed for your healing and God answered as faithful as always. You’re completely healed and free of all pain and tears. Hurts for us, but you’re home. We all wanted to see your family at Thanksgiving this year, but they need their time. You have no idea how much you meant to them. Sympathy and hospitality are amazing but don’t they make for a messy flood? They just want to spend time together, to have dinner at home, to heal together. 
      I beat the high school boys in NC in knockout for you. Jen and Riley’s Clemson vs Alabama game played on the TV at Thanksgiving. Dillon’s guarding the ritz and blueberry muffins for you. Miss you Dev, Happy Thanksgiving. Smell ya later loser ❤

Dear (great) Uncle David,
      You’ve been gone for almost two years. I can only imagine your overflowing joy in heaven this Thanksgiving. You brought so much joy to so many people-and you still do! Your memory inspires me to live all the more zealous for Christ. The other day I stood at the table as Jenny, Jess, and Graham sorted through endless mounds (like so many mounds of photos wow). We found so many great pictures of you and Aunt Cindy. It’s amazing how many memories and how much happiness you acquired-and it’s clear why. You had Christ, who brings the greatest lasting joy. 
      Little Kaia is not so little anymore! She’ll grow up hearing all about her tall and godly grandpa. Graham and Jess are up in Connecticut and in love as ever. Cindy’s headed out to Maui! She wishes you were there but she knows God had better plans. I can’t wait to see you again someday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Aunt Debbie,
      Honestly-I don’t know what I would say if I saw you again. We never met much, did we? I hope with all of my heart that you were with Uncle David and Devon in heaven this past Thanksgiving. I wish I could remember you. I’m sorry that you’re gone. Mom never talks about you and I never ask.
      Daisy’s wedding looked beautiful, and Rob was the best man. Hopefully I’ll see him again sometime. Love, Isabel

Thanks for reading those! Sometimes I have to get that stuff out of my system. 
Lots is happening in the blogging world right now! I’m part of BIBC (team owl woo woo!! oops that was a pun) I’m hoping to participate in Abby’s writing contest and Clara’s photography contest if I have enough time. *emphasis on if hehe* 
I’m super excited that Christmas break is just around the corner (i’m overflowing with christmas spirit-just ask my family). More posts coming soon! Isabel ❤


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving-Letters to my Family

  1. Wow. These were so sweet, heartfelt & inspiring Isabel, it was so brave of you to post these little snippets, and we can tell these people all meant a lot to you. It’s so sweet you still think of them, especially on thanksgiving. 💙 Such a lovely post, Autumn x

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