Bullet Journal November 2018

Welcome back again to another post! I’ve finally started to keep up with myself this month. I know it’s wayyy too late, but I snapped some pictures of my November bullet journal setup that I’m really excited to share with you! My Bullet Journal has definitely improved with time, and I totally loved this month’s theme. I told you I wouldn’t spoil it in my previous post-but obviously at this point you’re about to figure it out anyways, so I’ll just tell you-the theme is Disney! I saw lots of fun pictures of Disney bullet journals and Disney doodles and spreads and thought I would give it a try. I hadn’t done ANY drawing in FOREVER 😳 so it was fun to do that again. I went really simple this month and only did four two-page spreads. It was simple and functional, and didn’t take too much time. Enjoy!


For my monthly cover page, I did the classic Disney castle on one side (with some sparkly blue sparkle sparkles cause it was pretty boring). The blue paper was because I was very much not thinking and wrote September :)) Ahh where did this year go…. On the left side, I did a little doodle of Edna Mode, along with one of her quotes (I promise I could watch that line in the movie over and over for hours).


The next page has a mish-mash of things. On the left side we have Wendy and Peter flying over London, and a chart of my events for the month. On the right we have a monthly calendar (lifesaver) along with a little Chip πŸ™‚ At the bottom is a small box for goals and a small box for blog and Pinterest stats. AND SPOT cause why not I love his hair <33

Yayyy it’s UP! My mood tracker is very obviously UP themed, and includes the iconic “Adventure is out there.” *sniff ellie sniff* On the right hand page we have memories which might seem a little boring but y’all if I look back at this in a year I’ll probably cry or crack up or both at once.


My last two-page spread was Brain Dump on the left page, and a Habit Tracker on the right. I’ll just post the headers, cause the actual content is more functional than interesting. Underneath the little Brain Dump header are some of the banners from Tangled (bleck the pencil wouldn’t erase). And then we have BAYMAX the large marshmallow ninja heater 😍


That’s it friends! I hope you loved this theme as much as I did. *pssst I started working on my December bujo today wink wink*
ALSO i did not almost forget
HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING!!! (^.^) Have a wonderful week-I’d love to know what you’re planning for the holiday! We’re headed allll the way down to Atlanta, Georgia.Β 
Talk to you soon! Isabel


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