Ahmaud Arbery and How ‘Human’ Is An Action Word

A Light In The Darkness

I’ve been talking about this a lot over on my Instagram, but I’d thought I’d share it here too as important is an understatement.

I wrote this post in response to following the story of Ahmaud Arbery – a young black man followed, shot and killed by a white ex policeman and his son, both armed, when Ahmaud was out for a jog in his Georgia neighbourhood in February. They followed him as they believed he looked like the suspect of a recent burglary. His killers were only arrested yesterday after a video of the shooting surfaced and were charged today.

The world is hurting so much right now, in more ways than one, but what confuses me is that somehow we’re all human enough to be brought to our knees by a virus that’s only a few months old and yet not human enough to recognise that our society…

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oh look, an award

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Tales of the Lonely Sun Blog Tour // Spotlight+Guest Post by Mya Gray

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